About Us

Welcome to Roadrunner Chassis Pty Ltd.


Established in 2006, with over 40 years industry experience.  Our mission for our family run business was to not only to manufacture quality Australian made products, but to provide a quality service that we felt was missing in the industry


We manufacture quality caravan chassis, suspensions and components to leading caravan manufacturers across Australia. Our service values are based on satisfying the end customer/caravan owner, as we understand the importance of creating the dream caravan from the chassis up.


Our chassis are all made to comply with all Australian standards and ADR’s but most importantly comply with our own internal high standard of workmanship. We are confident that our product is one of the best on the market, where our attention is purely focused on creating a strong, reliable and durable product. We continue to thrive to provide our customer with a product that is of superior quality.


We have developed our own independent suspension named Oz Trekker Built to last the distance and withstand the rough Australian terrain, the Oz trekker was developed with the sole purpose of providing customers a strong, reliable suspension that provides reassurance when travelling our beautiful country.